Sunday, 5 January 2014

First Meeting of 2014!

The first meeting of 2014 started as usual at 0945 hrs with our flag break ceremony. Serpent kicked the day off by welcoming a new member to the Soaring Eagles Scout brotherhood, Koo Xian Zheng!  He continued with Envisioning Exercise (Part 1) for the year 2014 where we explored ways Scouting exist in the world.  He spoke about WOSM (World Organisation of the Scout Movement) and the Messengers of peace Project and we looked at Scout events, Scout group pages and blogs from overseas.

Serpent talked about what has impact us as Scouts, both positively and negatively and we came up with our lists on a piece of majong paper and the patrols took turns to present.

After lunch, we went to the forest in "our backyard" to collect firewood, kindling and tinder for our fire lighting test as well as preparations for the upcoming District Backwoodsman Cooking Competition at Ahmad Ibrahim. The work was very tiring and time consuming but it was all worth it because the firewood will serve us well during the test as well as the competition.

The wood was laid out and sorted so that the wood has enough time to dry up before the upcoming test and the competition.    We did fire lighting and knots test next and some people managed to start a fire with one matchstick!  One match wonder!

After the flag lowering ceremony we "tau pok-ed" Syafiq as we thought it was his birthday!  But to our horror, his birthday was not until October! So instead, it was his make up birthday bash!

What a eventful start to the new year!

Written by: Sharul 
Edited by: Jason Tang
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