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Scout Meeting: 18th January

1) North District Backwoodsman Cooking Competition
2) Patrol Leader Training Camp (Theory and Briefing)
18 January is my long awaited day , the day that I have to compete in a competition: backs-woodman! I have been selected as a competitor and that is my first competition I have ever participated for soaring eagles . When that day came , I woke up late ! I ran to Ahmad Ibrahim and waited for my others scout friends . The manta ray and Ahmad warrior have already reached Ahmad Ibrahim . 

After everyone has arrived , we made sure all the food were there when we realize we did not have 4 eggs and gloves. I thought we were done , but Dayton my team leader , remain calm and thought of a ideas. I suggested on going to my grandma house which was quite far . Then we ran towards a building and started asking residents if they could spare us eggs . Fortunately , a kind Malay lady gave us 4 eggs . We thanked her profusely . Knowing that we do not have much time left , Dayton and I ran towards the school . 
Improvised fanning

By the time I reach the school , I was exhausted . Soon after we had a briefing we headed towards our pits . After a few minutes , the time started ticking . We had eggs , chicken , rice and lettuce to cook . So Dayton and I were In charge of fire lighting while Ian ,Elson,  hong Joo and Daryl were in charge of food . Luckily , we managed to start fire with a single matchstick . We removed the turf and there were some mud in it . Then hong Joo use  the mud to wrap around the potato . This is what we call " mudtato" . Then Ian dig out the flesh inside the watermelon while me and Dayton and Daryl tried to keep the fire going . Also , elson was cutting the chicken while Daryl were taking out the oranges flesh so that we could put our eggs In it . Elson was making skewers for the chicken skin .
Cooking in process

After Ian was done with the watermelon, we put water , rice and chicken in it before putting it into the fire. We place the "mudtato" inside the fire while we continued to feed the fire with sticks . Not long later , we place the eggs inside. When Daryl is done , he placed the skewers with the chicken skin into the mud and waited. When we had 30 plus minutes left but our rice is still a bit overcook. Dayton then started laying out the food. He place the lettuce on the plate and shaped it like a bowl. He placed the egg in a corner then place the rice and chicken on the lettuce. Then, he also placed some juice of the watermelon on the plate . Our dish look like a western restaurant but is it as good as it looks ? 

The results were soon given out after we clean our area . We were awarded 4 and 5 out of 6. We improved as we used to be the last . We realized that we were heavily penalized due to the absence of glove . It affected our hygiene which plays an important role in this competition. We then proceeded back to endeavor primary school where we ate our lunch after changing into our uniform . I was informed that I will be attending the PLTC which I felt proud of . Then , the emcee , Jason Ang started his talk . He talked bout leadership and what it takes to be one . We were split into groups by Ian . 

I was in the same group as Shawn, Dayton , Hai Son , Hidayat . I was happy as I could work well with Shawn . Then , we were told to write up a packing list for a two day one night camp. He also instructed the other group to work on the amazing race . He then proceed to show his packing list for his A.S.P.I.R.E. After that he shared with us his experience in the A.S.P.I.R.E. I found it quite interesting and I wanted to go and experienced it myself . Then shortly  after we headed back to class for a briefing for cohesion . We had our flag break before we were dismissed . It was such an eventful day . I will never forget this experience!
Signing off , 

Written by: Mac
Edited by: Jason Tang
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