Saturday, 22 February 2014

District Founders' Day Observation and Mini-Pioneering Competition

Today, SE hosted and participated in the Yishun District mini-pioneering competition. There were two separated competitions, one for cub scouts and one for scouts. We had our flag break at 0850 and Carol read the founders day message that was from Chief Commissioner, Mr Tan Cheng Kiong. Shortly after, the cubs were briefed on the competition rules and guidelines before we officially started. I was part of Team Swift, comprising of Jason, Ian, Daryl Tan and I.

Rules and regulations


Initially, my team could not decide on what to build, but eventually we agreed on a portable chair. We then split the manpower, Daryl was in charge of sawing the bamboo, I was in charge of measuring the length of the bamboo that we needed. Then Ian and Jason would take care of the knotting as they were more seasoned with mini-pioneering. 

That was when we had a little problem. The saw that we were given was not as sharp as we expected. That resulted in taking a really long time to sawing our bamboo. While we were working on our portable chair, Team Eagle was building a bed; Team Kingfisher was building a multi-functional “storage-cum-bed” furniture and the mixed team was building a portable bed. Our team had really poor time management as we only started with the actual building with about 45 minutes left. Our potable chair was to be made up of two different parts: a tripod stand and a seat. The tripod stand was made up of three 15cm bamboo canes while our seat was made up of about ten 15cm bamboo canes.
 Kingfisher Team

Eagle Team

Swift Team

Towards the end of the competition, it was a race against time as we rushed to saw the bamboo and tying the knots, luckily for us, we managed to finish our portable chair with ample time to spare. We were then required to explain our model to the judges while the cubs went for tea break. The judges criticized our flimsy structure and the fact that we did not produce a structure that was competition-worthy. I will certainly hold on to the feedback and improve on it in the future.
Mixed Team doing their presentation.

After 20 minutes, the cubs came back while it was our turn for tea break. It was a delicious stick of fish-balls and a curry puff from Old Chang Kee. After our tea break, the results were released and the cubs went home while Serpent spoke to us about the competition. He was disappointed as we did not do it to the best of our abilities and lacked technical skills just to pioneer a mini-structure.

We were then told to quickly change to PT kit and assemble in the hall. In the hall, we helped to stack up chairs that were used earlier in the morning so that the janitors will not need to do that on Monday morning. Serpent explained to us later that as a scout, our group aims to do good deed regularly and to do so by incorporating random acts of kindness into our programs.

We then had lunch and to learn the figure of 8 lashing. We need to know that as we would be doing pioneering in the afternoon. Lunch was specially delivered, a delicious pack of nasi lemak and otah. At about 2.30pm, we started on our mini pioneering project while the groups took turns to build a 3-2-1 flagpole. We did this till about 3.30pm when Serpent told us to pack up and get into the den as he wanted to formally introduce two new brothers to our SE family, Rui Hong and Haziq. 

Patrol Leaders Council 2014
Soon after, we were told to get into our full uniform for our last ever photograph in land scout uniform before our conversion into an Air Scout Squadron. After the photo-taking session, We gave a “tau pok” (birthday bash) for Ada and Sharul, as it was their birthday this week. We were soon dismissed soon after.
Handing over of Venture Council Chair-manship (Pun intended)

Stepping up to become leaders!
Scintillating Owl - AVSL
Astute Possum - AVSL
Maverick Zebra - ASL
Today, I had an eventful time and learnt many pioneering knots, especially the diagonal lashing and the figure of 8 lashing. I will definitely not forget this experience!
Team SE!

Written by: Kenneth
Edited by: Jason Tang
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