Thursday, 27 February 2014

District Orienteering Competition and CNY Cohesion Dinner 2014

On the day of the competition, Soaring Eagles sent three teams for the 2014 orienteering competition hosted annually by the Manta Ray sea scouts. I was the team leader of group two and my members were Kenneth, Ray and Dayton.We were very excited because we worked very hard to prepare for this competition as we wanted to beat the position that we held for last year's orienteering competition.

Is this the checkpoint?
During the competition, it was very hectic but fun too, we have to complete different checkpoints as well as to complete different mini-games. The much anticipated results came, we were more than happy to know that we had improved tremendously from last year clinching 4th, 5th and 11th out of 12 teams that participated in the competition.

Checkpoint photo
After the competition, we had our annual Chinese New Year reunion and cohesion dinner. We made our way to Endeavor Primary School. Just before our dinner, we had some filler games, namely frisbee and soccer. Time flew by very fast. Soon, it was dinner time, Serpent made an announcement and told us about many of our SE Leaders and ventures who are now working came back to celebrate Chinese New Year with us.

Dinner was sumptuous as it was steamboat and a spread of marinated teriyaki chicken, meat, nuggets, finger foods to grill. After dinner, some of us had to go off as it was about 10pm. The rest of us stayed back to clean up. It was kinda tiring with all the scrubbing and washing, but that's what we had to do, like we say, " Always leave a place better than when we first came upon it."

After that we had a debrief and took the opportunity to birthday bash a couple of our own birthday boys! When we were done, we wished each other Happy Chinese New Year and we headed home. It was indeed a really memorable day.
Team SE!

Written by: Jason Tang and Daryl Tan
Edited by: Jason Tang
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