Friday, 28 March 2014

Job Week Camp 2014

I have been camping in Endevour Primary School(EDP) for 3 days and I have been going house to house knocking on their doors and asking if they had anything they needed my group to do like sweeping the floor or throwing away rubbish. This is called Job Week 2014.

  On the 1st day at 1800 hrs, we were being briefed by our scout leader,Serpent. Serpent told us what to do and how to do it. He told us the "dos and don'ts" of jobweek. At about 1900 hrs we went Into groups of three to four before we were dismissed form EDP. My group consisted of Ian, Kenneth, Daryl and me although Daryl only could come on the second day. Ian,Kenneth and I had a quick dinner before we did our job week assignment.  Ian was wondering which blocks we should pick. So, we just went to the nearest block to where we were eating at. Ian went knocking first as he had the most experience. Followed by him was Kenneth then me. I was really bad at speaking and since Kenneth was a good Chinese speaker and is not as timid as me.

    On the second day,Kenneth teached me on how to start asking the residence, it went something like this :"Hi, I am a scout from Soaring Eagle scouts group and this week we are doing job week. So this is how it goes like, we do a job for you like throwing the trash or sweeping the floors then you donate a sum of funds to the scouts association." I kept trying but still kept stammering. Kenneth told me to have courage to speak and should have my back straighten and to be confident, no slouching or stammering should be seen in order to look like we are confident. The next stop we went to was the private estates, but no matter what I've tried ,I still wasn't confident.

    The third day came. We did preparations until 0900 hrs. We had a bit more preparations and had breakfast before setting of at 1000 hrs. Matthew and I tagged up and went  to admiralty together. By the time we reached it was 1100 hrs. We decided to go woodlands instead but by the time we reached it was raining, we tried 1 whole HDB flat but none answered. we had to go back to EDP but it was still raining. Matthew and I waited for the rain to stop for about half an hour. We were a bit late but still reached EDP with mearly a drop of water on our uniforms.

    We got debriefed and was sent home. I learnt that I must have courage to do anything or fearful things be it knocking on doors or speaking to total strangers.

Written by: Bryan
Edited by: Jason Tang
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