Saturday, 29 March 2014

Earth Hour 2014 - The Float @ Marina Bay

Today was a fine day and we had a special programme... Earth Hour! I was excited as it was my first time at Earth Hour. We met at City Hall Mrt Station around 6pm and walked to the Marina Float.


After a good 15 minutes of walking, the place was literally packed to the brim with people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate this event to raise environmental awareness. I also saw quite a number of Scout units who came including some of old friends whom we met from previous national events too.

We first gathered and waited for everyone to come. Then we had did some administration and money collection for the event badge. We took this time to talk with one another and take a few photographs as well!
Awesome event!
Honestly, I had never thought I would fall in love with a veggie burger

Soon after, we were finally released to go into the crowd and mingle with others!  As it was turning dark, the lighting and lights transformed the platform of greenery into an amazing display and array of glowing lights.
Less meat, less heat!

The sparkling lights!

Then came the countdown and soon it was lights out! During this time, we headed over to the crowd, playing some games, snapping pictures and interacting with some of the scouts from the other unit. The SPLs even had the chance to meet some of the Black Knight Air Scouts and we also happen to bump into a good friend of ours, the Temasek Raccoons!
The Raccoons are here too!
Jump shot!

Finally, we were told to fall in and Serpent gave us a short debrief. Then, we were released free to roam about. This had been a very important and meaningful event as it was for us to care and protect our environment. This is not only our duty as scouts but as inhabitants of this planet.

As the saying goes, "Always leave a place better than when we first came upon it." Not only did I have fun with my scout brothers, I also became more aware and feel as sense of responsibility to care for the environment.

Team SE!
Written by: Daryl Tan
Edited by: Jason Tang & Hai Son
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