Monday, 27 January 2014

Discovery Kids Asia - Kids Vs Film (Episode 7)

Endeavour Soaring Eagles Cub Scouts sent four Cubs for the auditions. Dean and Dave were shortlisted and appeared on Episode 7 which first aired on 13 July 2013. Here it is!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Scout Meeting: 18th January

1) North District Backwoodsman Cooking Competition
2) Patrol Leader Training Camp (Theory and Briefing)
18 January is my long awaited day , the day that I have to compete in a competition: backs-woodman! I have been selected as a competitor and that is my first competition I have ever participated for soaring eagles . When that day came , I woke up late ! I ran to Ahmad Ibrahim and waited for my others scout friends . The manta ray and Ahmad warrior have already reached Ahmad Ibrahim . 

After everyone has arrived , we made sure all the food were there when we realize we did not have 4 eggs and gloves. I thought we were done , but Dayton my team leader , remain calm and thought of a ideas. I suggested on going to my grandma house which was quite far . Then we ran towards a building and started asking residents if they could spare us eggs . Fortunately , a kind Malay lady gave us 4 eggs . We thanked her profusely . Knowing that we do not have much time left , Dayton and I ran towards the school . 
Improvised fanning

By the time I reach the school , I was exhausted . Soon after we had a briefing we headed towards our pits . After a few minutes , the time started ticking . We had eggs , chicken , rice and lettuce to cook . So Dayton and I were In charge of fire lighting while Ian ,Elson,  hong Joo and Daryl were in charge of food . Luckily , we managed to start fire with a single matchstick . We removed the turf and there were some mud in it . Then hong Joo use  the mud to wrap around the potato . This is what we call " mudtato" . Then Ian dig out the flesh inside the watermelon while me and Dayton and Daryl tried to keep the fire going . Also , elson was cutting the chicken while Daryl were taking out the oranges flesh so that we could put our eggs In it . Elson was making skewers for the chicken skin .
Cooking in process

After Ian was done with the watermelon, we put water , rice and chicken in it before putting it into the fire. We place the "mudtato" inside the fire while we continued to feed the fire with sticks . Not long later , we place the eggs inside. When Daryl is done , he placed the skewers with the chicken skin into the mud and waited. When we had 30 plus minutes left but our rice is still a bit overcook. Dayton then started laying out the food. He place the lettuce on the plate and shaped it like a bowl. He placed the egg in a corner then place the rice and chicken on the lettuce. Then, he also placed some juice of the watermelon on the plate . Our dish look like a western restaurant but is it as good as it looks ? 

The results were soon given out after we clean our area . We were awarded 4 and 5 out of 6. We improved as we used to be the last . We realized that we were heavily penalized due to the absence of glove . It affected our hygiene which plays an important role in this competition. We then proceeded back to endeavor primary school where we ate our lunch after changing into our uniform . I was informed that I will be attending the PLTC which I felt proud of . Then , the emcee , Jason Ang started his talk . He talked bout leadership and what it takes to be one . We were split into groups by Ian . 

I was in the same group as Shawn, Dayton , Hai Son , Hidayat . I was happy as I could work well with Shawn . Then , we were told to write up a packing list for a two day one night camp. He also instructed the other group to work on the amazing race . He then proceed to show his packing list for his A.S.P.I.R.E. After that he shared with us his experience in the A.S.P.I.R.E. I found it quite interesting and I wanted to go and experienced it myself . Then shortly  after we headed back to class for a briefing for cohesion . We had our flag break before we were dismissed . It was such an eventful day . I will never forget this experience!
Signing off , 

Written by: Mac
Edited by: Jason Tang
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Sunday, 5 January 2014

First Meeting of 2014!

The first meeting of 2014 started as usual at 0945 hrs with our flag break ceremony. Serpent kicked the day off by welcoming a new member to the Soaring Eagles Scout brotherhood, Koo Xian Zheng!  He continued with Envisioning Exercise (Part 1) for the year 2014 where we explored ways Scouting exist in the world.  He spoke about WOSM (World Organisation of the Scout Movement) and the Messengers of peace Project and we looked at Scout events, Scout group pages and blogs from overseas.

Serpent talked about what has impact us as Scouts, both positively and negatively and we came up with our lists on a piece of majong paper and the patrols took turns to present.

After lunch, we went to the forest in "our backyard" to collect firewood, kindling and tinder for our fire lighting test as well as preparations for the upcoming District Backwoodsman Cooking Competition at Ahmad Ibrahim. The work was very tiring and time consuming but it was all worth it because the firewood will serve us well during the test as well as the competition.

The wood was laid out and sorted so that the wood has enough time to dry up before the upcoming test and the competition.    We did fire lighting and knots test next and some people managed to start a fire with one matchstick!  One match wonder!

After the flag lowering ceremony we "tau pok-ed" Syafiq as we thought it was his birthday!  But to our horror, his birthday was not until October! So instead, it was his make up birthday bash!

What a eventful start to the new year!

Written by: Sharul 
Edited by: Jason Tang
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