Saturday, 29 March 2014

Earth Hour 2014 - The Float @ Marina Bay

Today was a fine day and we had a special programme... Earth Hour! I was excited as it was my first time at Earth Hour. We met at City Hall Mrt Station around 6pm and walked to the Marina Float.


After a good 15 minutes of walking, the place was literally packed to the brim with people from all walks of life gathered to celebrate this event to raise environmental awareness. I also saw quite a number of Scout units who came including some of old friends whom we met from previous national events too.

We first gathered and waited for everyone to come. Then we had did some administration and money collection for the event badge. We took this time to talk with one another and take a few photographs as well!
Awesome event!
Honestly, I had never thought I would fall in love with a veggie burger

Soon after, we were finally released to go into the crowd and mingle with others!  As it was turning dark, the lighting and lights transformed the platform of greenery into an amazing display and array of glowing lights.
Less meat, less heat!

The sparkling lights!

Then came the countdown and soon it was lights out! During this time, we headed over to the crowd, playing some games, snapping pictures and interacting with some of the scouts from the other unit. The SPLs even had the chance to meet some of the Black Knight Air Scouts and we also happen to bump into a good friend of ours, the Temasek Raccoons!
The Raccoons are here too!
Jump shot!

Finally, we were told to fall in and Serpent gave us a short debrief. Then, we were released free to roam about. This had been a very important and meaningful event as it was for us to care and protect our environment. This is not only our duty as scouts but as inhabitants of this planet.

As the saying goes, "Always leave a place better than when we first came upon it." Not only did I have fun with my scout brothers, I also became more aware and feel as sense of responsibility to care for the environment.

Team SE!
Written by: Daryl Tan
Edited by: Jason Tang & Hai Son
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Job Week Camp 2014

I have been camping in Endevour Primary School(EDP) for 3 days and I have been going house to house knocking on their doors and asking if they had anything they needed my group to do like sweeping the floor or throwing away rubbish. This is called Job Week 2014.

  On the 1st day at 1800 hrs, we were being briefed by our scout leader,Serpent. Serpent told us what to do and how to do it. He told us the "dos and don'ts" of jobweek. At about 1900 hrs we went Into groups of three to four before we were dismissed form EDP. My group consisted of Ian, Kenneth, Daryl and me although Daryl only could come on the second day. Ian,Kenneth and I had a quick dinner before we did our job week assignment.  Ian was wondering which blocks we should pick. So, we just went to the nearest block to where we were eating at. Ian went knocking first as he had the most experience. Followed by him was Kenneth then me. I was really bad at speaking and since Kenneth was a good Chinese speaker and is not as timid as me.

    On the second day,Kenneth teached me on how to start asking the residence, it went something like this :"Hi, I am a scout from Soaring Eagle scouts group and this week we are doing job week. So this is how it goes like, we do a job for you like throwing the trash or sweeping the floors then you donate a sum of funds to the scouts association." I kept trying but still kept stammering. Kenneth told me to have courage to speak and should have my back straighten and to be confident, no slouching or stammering should be seen in order to look like we are confident. The next stop we went to was the private estates, but no matter what I've tried ,I still wasn't confident.

    The third day came. We did preparations until 0900 hrs. We had a bit more preparations and had breakfast before setting of at 1000 hrs. Matthew and I tagged up and went  to admiralty together. By the time we reached it was 1100 hrs. We decided to go woodlands instead but by the time we reached it was raining, we tried 1 whole HDB flat but none answered. we had to go back to EDP but it was still raining. Matthew and I waited for the rain to stop for about half an hour. We were a bit late but still reached EDP with mearly a drop of water on our uniforms.

    We got debriefed and was sent home. I learnt that I must have courage to do anything or fearful things be it knocking on doors or speaking to total strangers.

Written by: Bryan
Edited by: Jason Tang
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PLTC (Patrol Leader Training Course)

PLTC was the first challenging camp I have been to in my whole scouting life. I did not go for Standard camp, so I was a little weaker than the rest of everyone. It was a long and tiring camp.
At 11 am in the morning we were supposed to meet at Tampines mall 1. We met behind where there was an open space and we did our lay out there. Even though this was the first time I did my layout quickly, I was the fastest and beyond the standards set by serpent. When I finished, I went on to help others so they can meet the target time of 2 minutes as well. We all repeated until we met the target.

Right after that, we set off for our hike to Changi Ferry Terminal. We had 10 check points to complete in all. It was the first time I did a hike like this. The journey was long and tedious. Every checkpoint we reached, I gulped down lots of water as I was perspiring so much.

At about 5.45 pm, we reached the jetty and was the third group to arrive. Just a few minutes behind the group ahead of us. Serpent brought us to the hawker centre to have our dinner, after that we set off on bum boats for Pulau Ubin.

It was the first time I ever went to Pulau Ubin. It was quite an experience. We hiked in the dark to reach the other side of Ubin. We set camp there and put up our bashas. We then had to make a desert using flour, eggs and chocolate, in the form of outdoor cooking. Half way along the cooking, I got unwell, so I went to sleep in the basha.
Roasting balls of hand made chocolate bread dough!
At 5.40 am, we had to fall in and we did together 40 push-ups to wake up ourselves and minds. We went through a series of activities testing our critical thinking skills and alternative and best solutions to be taken during the activities.

When we were done we changed back to full uniform and had our breakfast.After that,we hiked back to the Ubin jetty and headed back to the main island.From there, serpent let us take public transport back to Endeavour primary school.

When we reached, we cooked lunch. Basically fish, chicken, vegetables and barley.We changed to pt kit and did another set of activities. And basically it was about looking at things from other people's point of view.
Master Chef Dylan!
We then sat down all together and discussed on where we should go for dinner. We settled on a restaurant nearby and after that we went back to the school and headed to the AVA room where serpent did a review of what we learnt and what had happen.

He showed us a movie (3 Idiots) before we slept and the main lesson of it was to cool down even at the toughest of times.The next day, we woke up and arranged everything, rearranged things in the den and cleaned up the place. Right after that, we went off to go home.

This camp was truly an experience. I felt great to have passed PLTC.
Team SE!

Written by: Daryl Tan
Edited by: Jason Tang
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Battle for Singapore - Marsiling Tunnels Tour by NHB

We gathered at Woodlands Waterfront at 0900 and waited for Dr Kwok, our guide for this tour! Soon after we started the tour, beginning with a small hike along the roads and soon into a secondary forest area.

Start of the tour!
During the hike, he showed us some old structures built even before World War 2 such as the Woodlands North Jetty. I learnt that it has been there for almost 70 years when the British ruled Singapore. Next, the Dr Kwok showed us an old lamp post which was partially hidden by vegetation, after some research and sourcing, Dr Kwok and colleague predicted that the old lamp post was built even before World War 2 as it was made with concrete. This thought us not to overlook any small details in anything that we do.

Hiking into the forested area

There was a road with a hump which till now left Dr Kwok and his fellow colleagues at National Heritage Board puzzled over the purpose of it. His colleagues predicted that the road we were on used to be a railway. From old images, they saw a long stretch of train tracks from the coast area from there to Sembawang. We then continued our hike into the tunnels area.
New pipes built from the foundation of the old ones used in WWII.

Soon after we reach a covered wall, which Dr Kwok told was the tunnel entrance, However, we were puzzled as it was a just a wall. Soon after, Dr Kwok explained that the entrance had been sealed up. Dr Kwok also shared his experience when he had the chance to venture into the tunnels while is was still unsealed back in 2006. He said it was a good thing it has been sealed. Firstly, not only was it to prevent tomb raiders from stealing artifacts from the place, secondly as it used to be an oil depot back in WWII, there is lead and other harmful and poisonous substances inside.

Single file guys!
Then, we trekked on to see a bigger wall. As we guessed, it was also sealed up. Dr Kwok explained at the entrance that it was initially was built as an fuel depot by the Japanese Imperial Army back in WWII from old pictures of the area.
A smaller sealed up entrance
Then, we trekked back to a resting point near start of our tunnels tour. Then Hai Son, our Assistant Senior Patrol Leader took this chance to present Dr Kwok with a token of appreciation for specially taking time off his busy schedule to guide us through this amazing tour.
Thank you Dr Kwok!
Soon after, we trekked out of the forest and hiked back to waterfront park where we rested under a park shelter as we filled up a survey form about the tour. Dr Kwok then took this opportunity to thank us and introduce us to what he does as a Historian.

Historians vs Amateur Historians

After this amazing tour, I learnt that as a Scout we must have sense of adventure and be curious, this way will we always learn new things!

Team SE!

Written by: Daryl Tan
Edited by: Jason Tang
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