Friday, 23 May 2014

Basic Airman Badge Training

Objectives for the day

The day kicked off with the usual flag break. Our special guest, Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Ong from the Air Force was invited and come down specially to teach us some of the Air Craft Traffic and interesting insights from the aviation industry and in the Air Force. Firstly, he started off with teaching us to read an Aviation Map, explaining what the lines and the numbers on the aviation map represent and how to read it.

An example of an Aviation Map
He took this chance to correct our airport models that was made a few weeks back to showcase our knowledge an understanding on the air ports and how we could improve it. We took down what he have said and was prepared to do the necessary changes when we got home to produce an even better and more accurate airfield.
Correcting our Airfield models

Then, he taught us what some of the most common abbreviations in the air industry means like e.g.FIR stands for Flight Into Region. Also, he explained to us the breakdown and aerodynamics of planes, how they take off, land and fly.

Flight Information Region Lesson
Aerodynamics of planes
Explaining the Bernoulli principle

He also taught us about air traffic control and went into detail on each and every enquiry that we had. This not only help us in clearing some of the requirements for our Basic Airman Badge, it also helps us to gain more knowledge and enrich our understanding of the work of pilots and jobs in the aviation industry.

Peer tutoring?
In general, I enjoyed the day and learnt new things that would definitely useful to build my foundation in the understanding of aviation related concepts, especially if I was to take up a job in the aviation industry in the future.

Written by: Syafiq
Edited by: Jason Tang & Renesh
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