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Location of SE Scout Den
Endeavour Primary School
10, Admiralty Link
Singapore 757521

Mailing Address
My Mailbox 887258
Singapore 919191

Air Scout Wing Leadership
Xav Ang (Air Scout Wing Leader)

Edgar Wong (Assistant Air Scout Wing Leader)

Air Venture Scout ExCo
Carolyn Ann Phillips (Air Venture Scout Leader)

Snowden Chang (Assistant Air Venture Scout Leader)

Dominic Chan (Assistant Air Venture Scout Leader)

Md Noorelfi (Flight ExCo Chairman)

Edmund Tan (Deputy Flight ExCo Chairman)

Shaikh Abdullah Amin (Flight ExCo Secretary and Treasurer)

Air Scout Squadron Council
Cong Sheng (Air Scout Leader)

Cornelius Cai (Air Scout Leader)

Hazmi Aris (Air Scout Leader)

Eugene Siew (Assistant Air Scout Leader)

Nicholas Oh (Assistant Air Scout Leader)

Calvin Lee (Assistant Air Scout Leader)

Egan Mah (Assistant Air Scout Leader)

Seah Yi Hong (Senior Patrol Leader)

Le Hai Son (Deputy Senior Patrol Leader)

Elson Tan (Assistant Senior Patrol Leader)

Swift Patrol
Teo Zhi Xian (Patrol Leader)

Ian Andre Fonseca (Assistant Patrol Leader)

Jason Tang (Squadron Scribe)

Bryan Ong

Chew Hong Joo 

Daryl Tan

Kenneth Soh

Sharul Syahmi

Heng Rui Hong
Eagle Patrol
Shawn Tang (Patrol Leader)

Daryl Chan (Assistant Patrol Leader)

Koo Xian Zheng

Charles Wong

Dylan Lim

Greadon Tan

Mac Teo

Ong Wei Feng

Kingfisher Patrol
Dayton Leem (Patrol Leader)

Ximenez Soh (Assistant Patrol Leader)

Raphael Ong (Squadron Quartermaster)

Lavern Dharma Chandra

Matthew Chong


Renesh Chandra

Haziq Jafri

Lucas Kwok

Md Danish Tan

Venture Scouts
Samuel Lim

Md Ada

Izzuan Shah

Md Zulfadzli (Wing First Aider)

Lee Zhen Yu (Wing Photographer)


Shaikh Abdullah Aziz

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